Looking at Property Locations

 In order to look at the location of a property on the map, we recommend you checking the county assessor's website at  http://isv.kcsgis.com/al.talladega_revenue/ . Instructions are attached below on how to navigate their site. 

How to access lots on the county assessor's website (docx)


Lists of Prpoperties for Sale

The property lists below are for properties that are for sale.  One list is properties that are owned by the Homeowner's Association.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these properties, please call 256-268-1141 or email countryclubestatesal@gmail.com.  Please let us know which property you are interested in buying.  The prices listed are the minimum that will be accepted for the lot.  We will get back with you to review or with board approval for the purchase.

The second list is of properties which are for sale by owner.  Our office does not handle the sale, we are just adding it to the list as a service to the property owner.  Please use the contact information on the list to work directly with the owner for the purchase.  Please let our office know right away if you purchase a property so that we can work with you regarding the membership access to the community ammenities.  We are looking forward to working with new members of our community!